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The Guided Method of Vision Attainment

Is a creative, goal-focused, approach which seeks to help you, or your organization, reach the next level.  The Guided Method (TGM) combines logical and practical planning with creative processes (think right-brain, left-brain).  This combination increases success.

In addition, TGM, is holistic.  It focuses on the person, or people, behind the vision.  TGM's approach is to help develop people towards their fullest potential.  With this approach, the attainment of goals is significantly increased.

When TGM is Right for You 

TGM may not be right for everyone, and that's ok.  Here are some ways to know if it's right for you:

  • You have a vision or goal in mind and you want a clear path towards attaining it.
  • You're tired of circling around the same vision without ever accomplishing it, or making very little progress.
  • You want your organization to have a bigger impact, but you need to do things differently.
  • You want to grow in leadership, but want to do it in a new way and/or be a different type of leader.
  • You're open to the creative process, even if you don't think you are.

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Types of Services

Individual Coaching Services

Get Started

The Get Started coaching package for individuals is an intensive 5-session package occurring over a 3-month period.  You will finish with a framework of how to get started on your goal or project.  This is also great for pairing with online courses when you want a more personalized approach and extra support.

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12 coaching sessions designed to help you formulate a full plan that supports your ability to progress at the speed and manner in which you choose.  This option includes assessments to help you develop based on who you are and your strengths.

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For those desiring a longer and more intensive period of support.  With 18 coaching sessions, Journey provides guidance while you put your plans in action.  This is appropriate for those who need a period of time to clarify their ideas before developing and putting plans into place.  Or, for those who want support and accountability while executing plans.

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