Go, Do, Become

With Guided Coaching and Consulting

Helping you move forward.

You have something you want to achieve.  A vision.  A goal.  A dream.  But you may be stuck, not making the progress you want, or just need help making it a reality.  Guided Coaching and Consulting can help you move from vision to action, achieving the goals you have in mind.

This is what you'll get from Guided Coaching and Consulting:

Vision Casting

Gain clarity of your vision and be able to explain it!  This is the "what" of what you want to accomplish.

Vision Planning

Develop an actionable and stragegic plan to bring your vision into reality.  This is the "how" of what you're going to accomplish.

Vision Doing

Coaching to ensure you are ready and confident to execute the plan.  This is the "who" of accomplishing the vision.


Welcome to Guided.

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Helping you bring your vision to life.


You might be seeking to make a personal change.  Or you may be a leader in an organization that wants to increase its impact.

Whether the change is for you as an individual, or the organization you represent, The Guided Method can work for you. 

What is The Guided Method?

It is a formational and holistic method for helping you advance your goals.  Because it's holistic, The Guided Method doesn't just focus on what you want to do.

It also focuses on who you are while doing it.  It isn't enough to just do the thing.  Developing the person doing it is what leads to long-term success and greater impact.

"I wanted to move to the next level but needed a shift in my leadership. I gained shared knowledge to leverage in ongoing leadership and life experiences!"


"I received clarity on ways for me to respond to some issues that regularly pop-up in my life!"


"My results let me to stay focus on God's vision and not mine. My coach made sure that I stay on course and it had to make sense."


Impactful people lead full lives.

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Understand your mindset and how it is helping or hindering progress.  Gain tools to help you make the appropriate shifts.


Know which strengths are available to you and how to use them to help overcome potential barriers.


Get access to the tools that will help you long-term.  Tools to help you get organized, plan, analyze your environment, and more.


Services and tools designed to help you attain your goals.


Workshops, consulting, and coaching designed to help you achieve your vision.  Online or in person.

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Self-paced online courses.  Great for self-starters, or those who want to continue learning beyond coaching.

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Books & Journals

Resources to help you in your ministry, career, and life.  

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